A New Year and a New Base Commission of 7.9%

With December drawing to a close and 2013 almost upon us, our Silly Season sale must surely end.

With this, one might despair that we’re going back to 9.9% commission.

But we would tell the princess to cheer up and not despair, because the team at Bit Innovate are super happy to announce that we aren’t ever going back to 9.9% and that our new base rate for commission on our Buy Bitcoins Service is now 7.9%


And Thanking You

We would like to give a shout out to thank every one of our customers for being awesome. We hope that you all have a stupendous new year and a fantastic 2013.

All the best from Tris, Dan and Damien at Bit Innovate

Vive la revolution, vive le Bitcoin!


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