Temporary Closure


Dear Customers,

After an in-depth review of the Bitcoin industry in Australia, including our own business, the market, our competitors and the legal landscape, we have decided to temporarily close our doors whilst we work on new and improved offerings. When we re-launch, we will provide our customers with greatly streamlined, faster and more convenient services. Our vision is to provide services that are better than anything anyone has been able to offer so far, making Bitcoin as easy to use any currency. Our future offerings will be different to what they are now, and our aim is to ensure that they are much better.

We believe that for Bitcoin to fulfil its potential, it needs to be a widely recognised as an established complementary form of trade to traditional currencies. This means working within and alongside existing businesses and organisations, with commercial enterprises as well as government and policy makers, to build an industry that is viable, robust and secure for the long term.

We believe in Bitcoin and the revolution it brings. We also understand that it cannot be one of opposition or only functioning outside of existing paradigms. In order for Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies to stay around for the long haul and truly be the revolution that so many hope for, we and others in the industry need to work hard to show how it will greatly benefit all commerce, for consumers, individuals as well as for existing business and governing bodies.

We’re not going anywhere. We’re here, there will be updates and you’ll still be able to contact us as usual. Our services will be back, better than ever.

Viva La Bitcoin.

The Bit Innovate Team

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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the silence. I’ve been super busy and am badly in need of some sleep but thought I needed to get something up. Sorry we haven’t been more communicative, we’ll try to get back to everyone through the week. I can’t give any definite time but I can say, and I do apologise, it won’t be this week.

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