How to Earn Free Bitcoins

Updated: 13 June 2013

This how-to will show you how to earn free bitcoins.

There are a number of sites that exist that enable you to earn bitcoins for free or by completing basic tasks. The amount of bitcoins you can earn is usually very low, so these sites are generally designed for newcomers to Bitcoin.

These sites are extremely important to the Bitcoin community, as they provide an easy way for newcomers to get their first bitcoins without the need to invest anything other than time.

List of sites to earn free Bitcoins

Recently added:

Been here for a while:

Network marketing / Multi-level marketing sites

  • - Bitcoin mining service where you borrow / rent hashing power for a return. Also with a limited network marketing aspect.


If you know of any other sites please leave a comment and we will add them to the list. Also let us know if you find any dead links.

Update for links: We will not approve comments with shortened URLs, nor comments with links to other lists if the list is full of links with shortened / paid URLs (these are painfully slow if they even work at all and like the regular shortened URLs, we don’t know where they take people).

We are sorry to say that we will not publish any comments with links for pyramid schemes or scammy sites. Network marketing / multi-level marketing is okay as long as it actually is network marketing. For an explanation of the differences between network marketing / multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes / ponzi schemes, see the Wikipedia entries for Multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes and this walk-through article with pictures.


Thanks to:

John, Gok, Israel Lev, Fay, Morbid, sergi


  1. Thanks, good selection. Any chance of a follow up post with new sites that send the free bitcoins? I’ve had pretty good luck from this list but it’s a lucky dip on the odd site I find.

  2. You can earn +15.5% free bitcoin joining this new attractive initiative about Pyramining

    If you join through the links on that page you earn immediately +5% of your first deposit and then +10.5% in a variable period which will decrease significantly in the next weeks through ASICs infrastructure update.

    Please, read the page carefully because there is a range value for the amount you invest to gain the extra bonus.

    Thank you!

  3. - Earn Cash, Vouchers and Bitcoin by completing surveys, watching videos, trials, purchases, entering competitions, games and more. High paying!

  4. Firstly, thanks to the folks for putting up this page. Unfortunately, I did a little research on trying to get myself some free bitcoins. The findings I have for you do not read well. It all appears like some kind of pyrimadal scam. Take one minute of your time to see what I found and wrote on my little blog. I hope it saves you some efforts chasing ways to make free Bitcoins.

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